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Wednesday, August 31, 2005


codefetch{ is a brilliant source of Code in any programming language (including coldfusion). It is a great resource for any coder needing to dabble in other programming languages.

Christian Cantrell

Christian Cantrell: "You can check out some of the new features of Studio 8 first hand (for free) at a Macromedia studio 8 Launch Seminar. Coldfusion"

Friday, August 26, 2005 - XML and Flash Photogallery

This is a good action script 2 flash tutorial to help newbies understand how to use xml text files to power flash movies with dynamic data.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Sitemap for Self Build

Sitemap for Self Build

Macromedia - Developer Center : Building Preloaders and Progress Bars in Macromedia Flash

Macromedia - Developer Center : Building Preloaders and Progress Bars in Macromedia Flash: "One of the unique features of web content built with Macromedia Flash is the ability to control when and how the content loads. When loading a heavy HTML page, the user is usually stuck looking at a blank window until the content starts appearing. Flash allows for the creation of animated preloaders, which give the user precise information about the progress of the loading process.

A simple rectangular progress bar or percentage indicator will do the job, but why stop there? A preloader should be given just as much love and consideration as the rest of the site content, especially on a site that is trying to evoke a mood, or create an immersive experience. If a preloader is engaging enough, the user won't mind waiting for content, and the time it takes to load will seem shorter.

The preloader is the first element someone will see when visiting your site. You can make a good first impression by welcoming your visitors with a snappy preloader."

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Blogging Pro News, plugins and themes for blogging applications

Blogging Pro News, plugins and themes for blogging applications: "I won’t share too much specific information about which sites earned the most, but I can tell you that BlogCatalog and Forevergeek were at the top of the list. BlogCatalog reached a new traffic high yesterday and ForeverGeek was about 1,000 visitors off its high day so far."

Friday, August 19, 2005

Affordable Front Page Web Hosting, Budget, Server Hosting, ASP, Company

Affordable Front Page Web Hosting, Budget, Server Hosting, ASP, Company: "Linux Web Hosting Starting at Only $8.95 MONTHLY

Benefit from the security and performance of a Linux platform with our Linux web hosting plans. Plenty of disk space, monthly transfer, and email accounts make these plans ideal for personal or business websites. All yearly plans include a FREE domain name!"

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

ColdFusion Hosting, ColdFusion Web Hosting, ColdFusion MX6.1 Hosting

ColdFusion Hosting, ColdFusion Web Hosting, ColdFusion MX6.1 Hosting: "ColdFusion Hosting ColdFusion Hosting supports Macromedia ColdFusion MX, which empowers developers with a productive scripting environment and integrated search and charting capabilities. We are committed to providing you with the service that gets the highest ranking from our customers...

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Why ColdFusion MX 7?

Coldfusion MX 7 is the most advanced release of ColdFusion - simpler, yet more powerful than even ColdFusion MX. ColdFusion MX 7 offers dramatically faster runtime performance. ColdFusion MX7 includes enhanced Protocol tags, improved CFMAIL tag (giving you more power and greater flexibility with mail delivery in your applications), and improved ColdFusion components.

Looking for cheap but flexible ColdFusion Hosting? Then CF-Starter was designed for you! Host 3 domains on this plan with ample space, transfer and mysql databases to run your CF applications......"

AHP Hosting - Your premier cold fusion hosting company.

AHP Hosting - Your premier cold fusion hosting company.: "AHPHosting introduces Dedicated Virtual Private Servers, VPS.
Order your VPS today loaded with Macromedia ColdFusion MX 7"

ColdFusion Hosting and CFMX Hosting Plans Comparison Table

ColdFusion Hosting and CFMX Hosting Plans Comparison Table: "It can be difficult to find companies that host ColdFusion sites, because there are relatively few companies offering this service. Now there is no need to search through 1000's of websites looking for hosting companies that support CF / CFMX. If you are looking for affordable, reliable, or cheap ColdFusion hosting, this review guide strives to help you find the best available plan for your site. Each plan in the table below includes a summary of services including disk space, bandwidth, server uptime, guarantees, and support, if the information is available. Lowest priced plan for each company is shown."


efflare: "CFX_ImageCR is a professional quality custom tag for processing images natively and very efficiently in Macromedia Coldfusion.

CFX_ImageCR loads an image file and saves another after performing the operations it has been directed to. Operations include converting, resizing, cropping and much more. All operations are detailed in the attributes section of this documentation. CFX_ImageCR has been used to process images for online retailers, real estate listings, art galleries, photo albums, uploaded images and many more."

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Macromedia - Developer Center : Switching from PHP to ColdFusion

Macromedia - Developer Center : Switching from PHP to ColdFusion: "

Switching from PHP to ColdFusion

If you are a PHP developer looking to learn Macromedia ColdFusion, you will find it is an easy transition. Although the two technologies are very different, a basic understanding of PHP will provide many of the skills required to make the change. The reasons for making such a change will be varied—it may be a project requirement, or you may want to increase your productivity. We'll address both topics in this article, as well as discuss some of the new features that make ColdFusion MX even more attractive for developers."

Encoding html using javascript's escape & unescape

Encoding html using javascript's escape & unescape: "Encoding html using javascript's escape & unescape

There are a couple of reasons that you may want to encode some (or all) of your source html, these include:

* Slightly increased security - by protecting your source from being easily read you are making it more difficult for anyone trying to find a workaround to your site (includes spoofing payments and gaining access to members areas)
* Protection for automated non-javascript enabled crawlers - many of these are used to harvest email addresses from websites to add to spam mailing lists, and encoded email address will not be recognised as they cannot process the javascript.

There is also a downside however. Users of your website may well be veiwing it on a non-javascript enabled browser or have javascript turned off (usually done to avoid malicious scripts and auto-popups), if the site user is unable to process the javascript then they too will be unable to read the information that has been encoded and it will appear missing from the page."

Wednesday, August 03, 2005 CFC Archive

I am currently working with resource bundles and found this CFC Archive extremely useful: "This cfc contains methods to transliterate text from one format to another. IT DOES NOT TRANSLATE TEXT. For example, a Russian to Latin transliterator changes Russian text written in Cyrillic characters to phonetically equivalent Latin characters. IT DOES NOT TRANSLATE TEXT. Particularly useful transliterations are Any-Hex and Hex-Any which transliterates to/from escaped ANSI unicode (\u3044) to unicode script similar to what happens when using java resourceBundles. It requires that the ICU4J lib be installed. you can download ICU4J lib from:"